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Welcome to the Coloring Book Maven



My name is Roz Fruchtman.  I would like to Welcome YOU to The Coloring Book Maven. is a passion project for me.

As a digital designer, I find great enjoyment in designing coloring pages.  The most amazing thing to me is, I can sit for hours coloring my own designs as well as others – mostly others ;).

What they say is really true… Coloring helps relieve stress, sometimes before it even gets started 😉

I say I’m only going to color for a few minutes, to unwind, or to start my day off in a calm, relaxed, peaceful state of mind… Hours later I can be found, still coloring.  I may be relaxed and peaceful, but nothing else got done! You know what… Sometimes I just forget about everything else and GIVE MYSELF the GIFT of relaxation, by means of coloring. I’m grateful I can do that!


Roz Fruchtman

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